Monday, 1 October 2012

Junk Journalling with the Kiddies

So much fun! Today I was really lucky to spend an afternoon with my favourite kiddlywinks getting messy!  Kids are so inspiring, they have such a carefree way of creating art and the results they create are joyous and happy - just like them!

I started out by prepping some catalogues (the ones that always end up as junk mail) by glueing 2 - 3 pages together and  taping with masking tape down the spine and edges. I then coated the pages and covers in gesso to give a non-porous surface to work on. 

Then off we went - the fun started! I pulled out all of my art supplies, plus a big box of other 'junk' such as material scraps, cotton, corks, egg cartons and other bits and pieces.

Here's some of their finished work - they are so inspiring! - can't wait to do it again - thanks for the fun!!

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