Friday, 27 September 2013

Its been a while!

Hi there,

I can't believe it's been 3 months since my last post on Vonnie May!

It has been an extremely busy few months and I am only now starting to get back into a routine, and hopefully will be able to continue with the blog and share some of my latest news!

Well, you may recall we decided to make a major life change and downsize our house of 33 years, and move into an apartment by the water. Well, it has actually happened, well sort of :)

We are on our way....we have packed up our house and its up for sale. This was an amazingly emotional roller coaster of a ride! The packing up, sorting through and getting rid of a huge amount of stuff was extremely cathartic, as well as extremely hard! So many mixed emotions we have travelled over the last few months.

But now we have moved into an apartment until our new apartment is finished being built - a bit of a halfway house really. This isn't our final resting place but it is easing us into this new 'apartment life' .....and we love it!

Apartment living is something I thought would take some getting used to, but we have found so many positives to living in an apartment. In future blogs I will try and explain this and update you on the journey we have been on, and continue to travel.

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of some things I have been up to since we last chatted! Hope you stick around - I promise I won't leave my next post for such a long time.

Thanks for stopping by....feel free to leave a comment. x

Packing up all my fabric

Lots of new paint!

Results in a new painting!

Beautiful Clivia from the front yard

Bye Bye Front Deck - I know I will miss you!

A quick trip to Melbourne

My latest best friend....Lucy...isn't she beautiful - we have lots of adventures planned together!

Spotted on one of my rides through Bicentennial park.

Not long now! peering through the construction site!