Saturday, 28 January 2017

See the light in others

Colour me Positive - Week 4 - See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.

I love this quote - a nice simple reminder that everyone has an internal light. You may not see it straight away - but it's there - you need to keep looking. 

I was traipsing through my collage pieces and came across these 2 dapper gentlemen, that seemed to encapsulate the quote for this week.  Hope you like it!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Artist Trading Cards

Had some fun making some Artist Trading Cards (ATC's). Great way to use up some magazine clippings, paint and see some finished works done in no time at all! Lots of fun and really, just some playtime!

Colour Me Positive - Week 3

OK so here we are at Week 3 - Colour Me Positive with the prompt "New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings". 

I thought about this quote and decided to put a more positive spin on it - my translation was "One door closes, another opens". This is a motto I find rings true more often than not.  What do you think about the quote? Have  you found that the closing of a door, one part of your life, often moves to opening another? 

Here is my art journal translation of the quote. It was great fun to do. I enjoyed drawing the doors (after spending lot of time flicking through magazines, looking for pictures of doors I decided to draw them myself).  Cheers!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Daily AND Weekly Challenges!

Here we are with days 7, 8 and 9 of the daily challenge. I have also started a weekly challenge on Colour Me Positive. This is a Facebook group where a weekly prompt is posted each Friday. So far I have completed week 1 - Power and week 2 - Discipline. Here they all are! So far my creativity is increasing - I just have to keep going.........

Day 7 - Plant

Day 8 - Fish

Day 9 - Berry

Week 1 - Power - I have always loved this quote. Having this belief, I feel, provides the power needed to keep moving forward.
 Week 2 - Discipline. - I think it takes discipline to fall in love with the process so the end results will come. You need to keep telling yourself, its all about the process - and in my view, this takes discipline.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Days 3 to 6 of 365

OK this is really keeping me accountable. 

Here are days 3, 4, 5 and 6 of my #drawriotdaily challenge.  

I must say, I am finding it not too difficult to do some art each day, especially while I am still on holidays! I think the challenge will begin next week once this blissful lazy holiday time is over and I begin again on the daily treadmill of life!

It's also a challenge working so small. My pictures are only 2" x 4" which in the 'cup' picture means that all those tiny pieces of paper that measure about .5cm (1/4") needed to be put in place using tweezers. - That's something I have never done before.

Until next time! - thanks for stopping by.





Monday, 2 January 2017

Daily Creativity - that's the plan!

Hi there!

It has certainly been some time since I have visited my blog. Shame, Shame, Shame :(
But - in an effort to fulfil this year's goal which is to make time for creativity - daily - I will use my blog to post my efforts and to help keep me accountable. 

So here is where I will be posting a daily record of my creativity - with the aim to have at least 365 posts by year end. 

To help me along my way I have joined Draw Riot and #DrawRiotDaily
The art is created in a tiny 2" x 4" book with the first two prompts being 'Joy' and 'Fresh'.

This is a start anyway - it all depends on what happens through the year as to what path this blog will take - but at least this will get me started!

Would love your encouragement to help keep me honest!!

Here are my first few efforts.


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Paleo Promise

Hi there! I can't believe it has been 8 months since I posted to VonnieMay! Time certainly flies and lots has happened between then and now. Life is good, always busy and lots to do with so much to be grateful for and so much life to look forward to.

Well, my latest efforts of healing myself through diet are finally paying off. In my aim to lead a healthy lifestyle and prolong this wonderful life as long as I can I have adopted a Paleo Lifestyle.

Granted...its early days. I started on 1 September - a new Spring promise to myself. It seemed the right time, the days are getting warmer and its time to shed our winter coats.

Back to my Paleo lifestyle. I must say that it only took 3 days of removing Grain, Dairy, Sugar and Processed food from my diet and I already felt different. Gone was the bloating, the fullness, the tiredness, the lack of energy. As I work my way through each day, I find I don't miss those foods that were so much a part of my life (bread, cheese, know all those things that we think we can't live without!) and I find I really am enjoying a bountiful of vegetables, fruits and good quality grass fed meat.

Another positive is that along the way I have lost 5kg - and I'm only up to day 27! The main thing I have noticed is that I just plain feel great!

Another benefit is that I have become acquainted with my kitchen again and enjoying cooking, finding new 'Paleo friendly' recipes.

Here is a favourite breakfast treat - which only takes a little while to whip up - but is extremely yum!

Here is how to make it - grate some sweet potato, mix in olive oil, pepper and salt. Squish into some large muffin pans and bake in the oven until just soft. Meanwhile stir fry some chopped bacon, mushrooms, capsicums and any other veges you have hanging around. Once sweet potato is ready carefully crack an egg on top of the sweet potato and cook in the oven until done - around 5 - 7 mins, then serve up, top with the stir fried bacon, mushrooms etc and a spoonful of guacamole.

It tastes so good - and is so good for you (I sound like some cheesy commercial, I know!)

Hope you have a go at cooking this up - let me know what you think.

So - please leave a comment and let me know what you have been up to or if you have any questions about Paleo - I have researched and researched so I can certainly direct you to some great information.

Talk soon!

VonnieMay xx