Saturday, 24 November 2012

Weekend at Wallys

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.......I was blessed this weekend, my daughter, her husband, my other daughter and my son all came up to spend the weekend. It was so lovely to have some time all together. As we are usually all spread across the country, it was so great to have the time to just chill out and enjoy each other's company.

We went out to dinner on Friday night to The Union, a Tapas restaurant at Penrith, which was great - you are always guaranteed tasty food. We then spend Saturday relaxing out on the deck in the beautiful sunshine....the weather was perfect.

Jac and I took a short trip into Springwood, where Jac, (in her 'Where's Wally' clothes) decided to pick up a special fella!

Then Jodie and Max had a snooze and we had lots of great food and drink - a great weekend! Hope yours was good too. xxxx

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Life can be surreal

On Sunday at 12:00pm I was sitting on top of the world at the Marina Bay Sands building in Singapore, enjoying a beautiful meal, taking in the spectacular view........the same time the next day I was caught in the 'commuter crush' in Sydney as I had a break for lunch from my new job in the City.

It was a bit of a culture shift both from the aspect of one city to the next, but also from the workplace perspective. The organisational culture where I work in my new role is vastly different from my old job. It will take some getting used to!

This was where we had lunch - in the 'ship' on top of the Marina Bay Sands building which is  
194m (636 ft) tall.

This was the view from Marina Bay Sands - We thought the Singapore Flyer 'ferris wheel' was high at 42 stories high, with a total height of 165m (541 ft) - it is the tallest 'ferris wheel' in the world -  but it is dwarfed by MBS.

The 'Commuter Crush'!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Singapore Sling

Well here I am in Singapore. What an amazing country. The architecture is breathtaking as is the street scape, the food, the people.......and the shopping! I have really enjoyed my time here, a bit of work and a bit of play. My hosts epitomise hospitality and have taken the time to show us the best of Singapore. Here are a few pics of the many I have taken over the week.
The magnificent Marina Bay Sands

Sentosa Island from the Cable Car

Not sure what this building is...but I love the coloured windows.

Skypark - these 'trees' lit up to music. The lights around the tree are a walkway, so you can see how big they are!

Singapore's beautiful harbour with the new Marina Bay Sands building in the background
Singapore Harbour

Some purchases from a shopping trip. I actually found a shop that sold art supplies that I can use in my art journals. None of this stuff is available in Australia, you generally need to buy them online.
I must have spent hours in this one shop!

Gin Sling from Raffles - $26 plus taxes and surcharges!! The most expensive drink ever!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Calm before the storm

The new adventure begins! I have just left my job after 7 years and today I am off to Singapore, for a week, to enjoy a little rest and relaxation (and a little bit of work) with my friend Lesley. When I get back,  I start a demanding new role in a large organisation, that is sure to challenge me.

It was very sad to leave where I worked as the people there are very special. I made many close friends and although I know I will stay in contact with them, I will certainly miss seeing them on a daily basis.

I know my new challenge will certainly push me to my limits so I spent my weekend in refuge visiting my daughter's house down the south coast. I have come back ready to get started, looking forward to my week in Singapore and for the fast pace that I know will follow.

I am determined to keep up with my journalling, it will be so much more important for me now to help me keep my balance.

Here are a couple of pics I took at Jac's place, it was a great weekend and gave me some special time to get centred and ready.