Thursday, 15 November 2012

Life can be surreal

On Sunday at 12:00pm I was sitting on top of the world at the Marina Bay Sands building in Singapore, enjoying a beautiful meal, taking in the spectacular view........the same time the next day I was caught in the 'commuter crush' in Sydney as I had a break for lunch from my new job in the City.

It was a bit of a culture shift both from the aspect of one city to the next, but also from the workplace perspective. The organisational culture where I work in my new role is vastly different from my old job. It will take some getting used to!

This was where we had lunch - in the 'ship' on top of the Marina Bay Sands building which is  
194m (636 ft) tall.

This was the view from Marina Bay Sands - We thought the Singapore Flyer 'ferris wheel' was high at 42 stories high, with a total height of 165m (541 ft) - it is the tallest 'ferris wheel' in the world -  but it is dwarfed by MBS.

The 'Commuter Crush'!

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