Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Yes, No......Maybe

Uncertainty. For the past two months I have been living under a cloud of uncertainty. It's like a fog, you just can't seem to see through.  Sometimes there are small gaps of clarity when you can almost make a decision, but generally there it sits day in, day out in the background of every waking thought as well as   being there when you wake during the night, disturbing your sleep, there it is, the see-saw, the what ifs? the weighing up, yes, no, maybe.....

Well finally the fog has lifted, a decision has been made and I can move forward, can make plans, can see and celebrate the sunshine!

This journal page is inspired by my recent journey through indecision and uncertainty....and the celebration of definitely YES!

Friday, 26 October 2012

The fashionable mind

This journal page was inspired by a quote by Kennedy Fraser;
"I haven't got a thing to wear does not, of course, mean that we must resort to nakedness or seclusion; it means that our wardrobes contain nothing that might match our mood or offer a just reflection of our current lives". He also states that "Clothes have a life that is quite independent of their shape and colour". I find this is so true. My mood can change depending on what I wear - it amazes me how I can be influenced by this!

I thought to go along with this quote I would 'undress' my journal page and show you the progression I went through to get to the finished page. What do you think - are you willing to listen to the tale that the threads of your life have woven?

I stamped all over the page in my journal.

Applied some acrylic paint with a credit card.

Cut out flowers from magazines.

Selected my 'model' from a magazine.

Tore up bits of an old book and applied with gel medium

Found more bits to add, the hair is actually curtains from a magazine.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Journal Joy!

I was lucky enough yesterday to spend some time playing in my journal.  While putting these pages together, it gave me some time to dwell on the quotes that I had chosen to include. The quote 'Within your heart keep one still secret spot where dreams may go' is a reminder to me, that in the fast past life that I seem to be having at the moment, I need to take time to dream, to move away from the here and now to looking forward, and to take time to let my thoughts move into dreams.

The quote on the next page was a progression from this, 'Our aspirations are our possibilities' which reminded me to resolve to be a little less the me I know and leave a little room for the me I could be.

I have also included my second attempt at my daily sketching. 2 days out of 7 this week - there is room for improvement!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Just to make you feel good

I came across this video on a special blog called 'Dancing in Our Kitchens' - so much fun - a great way to ease the pressures of your day - either dancing around your kitchen - or just looking at this video.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

S Words

Well I am stuck at home with a head cold today - my head feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool! Despite this, my day has been made up of 'S' words - Sick, Sneezing, Snoozing, Studying and Sketching. In between my sneezing and snoozing I have been able to catch up on some study as well as taking some time out for a quick sketch.

Once again, I plan to do a daily sketch - this is an ongoing challenge for me - but I am determined to get there. Here is the sketch I did today - it is a bit wonky - but considering the wonkiness (is there such a word?) of my head today - I think its acceptable.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A day to play

Today I was lucky enough to have a day to play in my art journal. I got messy! I haven't had much time lately to just play, and I admit I found it hard to get going and be able to loosen up and let the creativity flow. I think I just got out of the habit and I did find it hard to get started, but once I started there was no stopping me!

I find art journalling the perfect way to relax and just let the creativity flow - never knowing what will come you can see from today's efforts, they are a bit of a mish mash - nevertheless it was fun getting messy.

I have included a couple of favourite pages here that I did some time ago as well. Enjoy!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Catch up with Daughter No 2 - Work and Play

I'm in Melbourne for a few days at at conference for work and as luck has it that's where my other daughter Jodie lives. It was great to see her - albeit briefly. We had a lovely meal at Mr Hive where she is the Sous Chef - she is such a creative little thing - the food she creates is fantastic - just like works of art.

Melbourne is a great city, lots of funky things to see and do. After putting in the hard yards of presenting at the conference, my mate Fed and I decided to clear our heads and went for a walk around the city. Here are a few snaps of our time in Melbourne (apparently the world's most liveable city - as all the Melbanians kept reminding us!)

Hard at work

The iconic Flinders Street Railway Station

This mosaic was on the wall at Flinders Street Station - amazing!

I was tempted!

This was one of the laneways in Melbourne where you can find bits of art hidden - like the one below.

I tried to talk Fed into going in here for a haircut -
but he wouldn't have it!  

Artwork on the walls at Southbank shopping centre.


The Yarra River

Friday, 5 October 2012

Day out with Daughter No. 1

Spent a fantastic day shopping with my daughter Jacqueline today. I have taught my daughters well. They can shop until they drop!! After trying on lots of clothes, walking the length of the shopping centre a number of times because we remembered something we saw earlier, and stopping for cups of chai tea to keep us going we wearily made our way home, laden with lots of goodies, that I am sure I would never have bought if I went alone. It was a great day. Jacqueline is so inspiring. Here is a picture and a link to her new jewellery line from her company Furrow South. Take a look!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Junk Journalling with the Kiddies

So much fun! Today I was really lucky to spend an afternoon with my favourite kiddlywinks getting messy!  Kids are so inspiring, they have such a carefree way of creating art and the results they create are joyous and happy - just like them!

I started out by prepping some catalogues (the ones that always end up as junk mail) by glueing 2 - 3 pages together and  taping with masking tape down the spine and edges. I then coated the pages and covers in gesso to give a non-porous surface to work on. 

Then off we went - the fun started! I pulled out all of my art supplies, plus a big box of other 'junk' such as material scraps, cotton, corks, egg cartons and other bits and pieces.

Here's some of their finished work - they are so inspiring! - can't wait to do it again - thanks for the fun!!