Sunday, 11 November 2012

Singapore Sling

Well here I am in Singapore. What an amazing country. The architecture is breathtaking as is the street scape, the food, the people.......and the shopping! I have really enjoyed my time here, a bit of work and a bit of play. My hosts epitomise hospitality and have taken the time to show us the best of Singapore. Here are a few pics of the many I have taken over the week.
The magnificent Marina Bay Sands

Sentosa Island from the Cable Car

Not sure what this building is...but I love the coloured windows.

Skypark - these 'trees' lit up to music. The lights around the tree are a walkway, so you can see how big they are!

Singapore's beautiful harbour with the new Marina Bay Sands building in the background
Singapore Harbour

Some purchases from a shopping trip. I actually found a shop that sold art supplies that I can use in my art journals. None of this stuff is available in Australia, you generally need to buy them online.
I must have spent hours in this one shop!

Gin Sling from Raffles - $26 plus taxes and surcharges!! The most expensive drink ever!

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