Monday, 2 January 2017

Daily Creativity - that's the plan!

Hi there!

It has certainly been some time since I have visited my blog. Shame, Shame, Shame :(
But - in an effort to fulfil this year's goal which is to make time for creativity - daily - I will use my blog to post my efforts and to help keep me accountable. 

So here is where I will be posting a daily record of my creativity - with the aim to have at least 365 posts by year end. 

To help me along my way I have joined Draw Riot and #DrawRiotDaily
The art is created in a tiny 2" x 4" book with the first two prompts being 'Joy' and 'Fresh'.

This is a start anyway - it all depends on what happens through the year as to what path this blog will take - but at least this will get me started!

Would love your encouragement to help keep me honest!!

Here are my first few efforts.


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