Tuesday, 9 April 2013


  I love watching the sunrise.

To me it such a special experience.

When I was last down the coast at Narrawallee, I took an early morning walk with my daughter Jac down to the beach to watch the sunrise and I took these pictures.

Somehow, it always makes me feel a deep sense of appreciation and of having the privilege of being able to experience another new day.

Last week it was still dark when I left for work in the morning. This week, thanks to the end of daylight saving it’s now light when I leave.

Although this now means that I can see where I am going as I walk to the ferry or the train station,  I think I will miss that ‘appreciate a new day’ feeling I always get when I see the sunrise. 

Here are a couple of sunrise shots I took on the way to work last week .

View from the Ferry

and the moon was still up!

and from the Train

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