Monday, 22 April 2013

More art cards brightening my mailbox!

How lucky am I!!! Here are a few more beautiful art cards from ihanna's art card swap, that I received over the past few days. There was so much care, creativity and love in these cards, they certainly brightened my day!!

Where I could, I have linked back to the artist's blog or site - just another way to 'share the link love' - enjoy!
This  card is from Matthew at the material whirl - its is beautifully collaged and the colour is lovely!

This one is from Tammy at Daisy Yellow - beautiful stitching and lovely coloured papers and fabric.
This one is just lovely from Susan in California. It has beautiful stitching around the edge, and rick rack, and is sort of a 3D card.
This beautiful card is from Jeannine in the US - it includes watercolour and washi tape.

This lovely card is from Dusty in Canada and was done on water colour paper - I loved the Titanic stamp on the other side - thanks Dusty!

This lovely card is from Elizabeth in Scotland. Elizabeth has used lots of Washi tape, postage stamps and even some dymo labelling.

This card is from TJ - I loved the calligraphy on the back which said "Hello beautiful artist - this card is magic and it is impossible for you to have  bad day now" - Love it!!!!

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