Saturday, 16 March 2013

Two weeks to form a habit.........Yes!

OK, I know they say it takes about 8 weeks........but this is the condensed version - 2 weeks is all I've got. Sometimes you just have to be strict with yourself!

Roddy has gone off on his scandinavian adventure with his swedish mate Lars, having the time of his life no doubt!

So in his absence I have set myself a goal to make these 2 things become a habit....

1.  Be creative every day........whether that means sketching more, journalling more or taking more photos - I have been a bit slack on the creative front of late and I know its is just laziness, so I am giving myself a swift kick start in this area by signing up to iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap - this should get me into gear!

2.  Exercise every I am going to achieve this as well as sitting around sketching and drawing remains to be seen, but I am definitely motivated so I can only give it a go and hopefully the outcome at the end of the 2 weeks is that I will have lost a little weight, felt better and more energised.

So today I start.........went for a run this far, so good........I will keep you posted of my progress on both of these 'habits' - feel free to add a comment, hopefully motivational (I need all the help I can get!!!).

Thanks for stopping by!

PS - a couple of people have said they have had trouble leaving comments - if you can't sign in using your own name, just comment anonymously - I will know who you are ;)  x

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