Sunday, 24 March 2013

Making progress....sort of.....

Hi there - thanks for stopping by!

I thought I should probably check in and let you know how I'm going with my promise in the previous post 'Two weeks to form a habit' and seeing I'm almost half way - time to fess up!!

Habit 1 - 'Be Creative every day' - not doing too bad with this one. I have been carting my small sketchbook with me everywhere and trying to do a little each day. Here is some of my progress - nothing really outstanding, but I did put pencil/paint to paper - almost every day.

I found this fab journal in Dymocks in the City which is half blank pages and half lined pages - so you can sketch on one side of the book and then turn it over and there are your lined pages - ready for some creative writing. It certainly is better than carrying around 2 books (which is what I usually do).

So my small kit that I take with me everywhere to help my creativity habit is pictured below. The crayons I bought in New York, they work really well, but any water soluble crayons would work equally as well.  The white pen is from Kikki K, the waterpen is a must and the pencil I found a while ago in an antique shop. It belonged to professional artist - I thought maybe some magic might rub off....still waiting!

Here is a little bit of what I created this week

Now for Habit No. 2 - 'Exercise every day' Not so good on this one! (surprise, surprise!!) I have been doing a bit of walking, and went for a run or two, but unfortunately the food I have been eating is cancelling out all my good work! - I need to get the formula going - less input/more output!

So I headed down the Coast this weekend and went for a couple of walks - here are some pics from the walk. Narrawallee on the South Coast of NSW is where I alway head for some rest, relaxation and to try and spark more creativity. It generally works - I loved taking these photos, hope you like them.

See you next time!

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