Monday, 18 February 2013

Working done - time to play

Hi thanks for stopping by.

We finished our workshops and it was great to meet up with old friends and also make some new ones. There were 16 of us in total at the workshop including colleagues from Austria, Saudi Arabia, United States, South Africa, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, England, Canada and of course Australia.  It’s great to catch up with people from all over the world. After spending 3 days working together, going out to dinner and chatting over a few drinks, we all feel like one big family. It’s a fantastic experience. Our next workshop will be in September in London (Vallie - we need to talk!), so we are all looking forward to meeting up again and continuing our work.

Pool at our hotel at Cape Canaveral

We have arrived in New York and our feet have not hit the ground!  There is so much to see and to do. We are loving it!  - here are some pics.

Our hotel  in New York - Downtown Dream Hotel 

Chelsea Markets

Chocolate Pasta !!

Chelsea Markets

View from the Hi Line Park

M & M's world- we couldn't resist!

Original Starry Night by Van Gough - at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Paul Cezzane

Munch's original Scream 

View from the top of the Rockefeller Building

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