Thursday, 21 February 2013

Frank Sinatra was right!

New York – what can I say -  It has certainly won me over!

It’s a city filled with excitement, beauty, but most of all it is unique. It is nothing like any other city in the world that I have experienced. It’s true – a city is a city – but New York has something else. It is really hard to explain, it is something that needs to be experienced, but there is a pulse in the city that keeps it moving at a fast pace with people who are friendly, helpful, confident and who are fiercely proud of their city and welcome visitors with open arms.

On Monday we did a 7 hour walking tour with Gregory from RealNewYorkTours. He shared New York’s history, its architecture, its problems its achievements, he showed us so many places, taught us how to use the subway, shared his first hand experience of 911, and took us to ‘Joe’s pizza’ where all the movie stars go.

We had the best hot chocolate we have ever had at a special shop in Greenwich Village, he took us to a tiny bakery in Sarah Jessica Parker’s neighbourhood where we munched on fresh baked choc chip cookies. He showed us where Bob Dylan made his first record and where the likes of Seinfeld and Chris Rock made their start.

He told us about his family, his future plans, he took us through China town and Little Italy, Central Park, Strawberry fields, showed us where John Lennon lived and died. So many experiences, it was a fantastic day. Gregory was so friendly, he had so much knowledge, and we admired his passion for New York that he so generously shared. I would highly recommend RealNewYorkTours if you ever find yourself in this great city.

The temperature here has hovered between -3 and 1 degree, so it has been a bit chilly, but each day we have rugged up and headed out on our adventure. So many or our misconceptions about New York have been debunked. We feel totally safe here, even walking around at night. The subways are clean – no graffiti! – we have more graffiti in Sydney! People are extremely polite – we have not come across one rude New Yorker yet!

So we are off to explore a bit more today – I think the ferry to Straton Island. Here are some more pics - mainly of Central Park – enjoy – feel free to leave a comment – we would love to hear from you. x

Gregory in Central Park

Roddy enjoying Joe's Pizza

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