Saturday, 19 January 2013


I did something today that I thought I would never do.  It made me go through a series of different feelings. At first it quickened my pulse and made me frantic. Then I was feeling a little lost – disconnected you might say. Then once I resolved myself of the fact I was able to calm down and enjoy the sense of isolation and freedom it gave me.  

Yes – I left home without my mobile phone. What! Leave home without my phone! – you jest – you say – but alas it is true!

I stayed at Cam's place last night and just walked out without it – just like that! - and my phone and I will not be reunited until Rod brings it home to me tonight.

So that is a full day to get through without my constant companion (the phone I mean, not Rod). It has caused me to think how much a mobile phone has become an important part of our appendage these days. Everywhere I go, I always have my phone. Like its my lifeline to those I love and who love me.  No checking emails or facebook on the run today, no sending texts or taking photos on the fly.

Oh well, I still have my trusty mac to check my emails – so I’m not totally devoid of technology.

I will await my phone’s return in anticipation.

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