Friday, 11 January 2013

Ferry nice!

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Well I'm slowly getting back into the workday routine, but last week I thought I would shake it up a bit by changing my normal 4 hour a day commute on the train, to take the Ferry to work.

Well, what a treat! I stayed with my son Cam and caught the ferry from his place into the city to work,  which cut off about 1 hour travel each way, but wow, what a fantastic way to travel to work!

Soooo  relaxing!  Cruising along Parramatta River early in the morning and late afternoon, when the sun was gleaming on the water, was just fantastic!

I was so excited, I'm sure all the other commuters that take the ferry on a regular basis must have thought I was mad. I sat with a smile from ear to ear - taking snaps with my iPhone - there was just so much to see! I find Sydney Harbour, and particularly the Harbour Bridge, so beautiful - I feel extremely fortunate that I can either cross the bridge by train or sail past it in a ferry on a daily basis. From whatever angle, I find it awe inspiring!

It was so good, I plan to do the same next week - poor Cam - he will have to put up with mum staying with him for a few days - I'll try not to cramp his style!

Here are some shots from the ferry...

Oh...I also managed to do some art journalling this week, so I have included a snap of my latest page. The theme is 'mindfulness' - its my word for 2013.......but more about that in a future post......

See you next time!

Kissing Point - a stop on the way

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