Monday, 20 January 2014

Just Keep Swimming

How true - I need to remember this - just keep swimming - problem is - I can't!!

Being part of the Documented Life Project  seems to be helping me address a few issues that I just keep putting on the back burner. This week's challenge is a great example. The challenge was to write a secret message and then paint over all but one key word.  As I started to think about the challenge the words 'Don't Quit' kept popping into my head. Then I realised that if you read 'don't quit' and hide some of the letters you get 'Do It'. Perfect.........what is something that I need to do! - LEARN TO SWIM!!

I know, I know, how can you live in Australia and not learn to swim....I just never have really. It was last year's new year resolution, and I did give it a go....but I quit!

So now, with my new inspirational planner (thanks to the documented life project) I refuse to sink!

Here is my page this week..........

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