Sunday, 23 June 2013

Freecycle Junkie!

Well the purge continues. And in its wake I have discovered a new obsession....yes I will admit it.......I have become a freecycle junkie!

Freecycle is a global group whose mission is to keep stuff out of landfill.  It's made up of 5,104 groups with 9,399,620 members across the globe. The proviso is that all stuff must be given away for free.

But to me...its like the 'get rid of stuff fairy'.

Simple - as we clear out all the stuff we have been hoarding for the past 34 years - good stuff - stuff that we couldn't sell - but it is just too good to throw away, we post it on - we leave it out the front - and just like magic - it disappears!

It has become a bit of a sport in our house - like fishing - we unearth the stuff - throw in the line (post in on free cycle) and wait for the fish to come in!

Here are some pics of stuff that have gone to good homes and are being appreciated again, that otherwise have been taking up space in our house.

This was our 'honeymoon' tent!, we took this tent on our honeymoon 34 years ago. - It was a bit hard to part with this one, but we were so happy when a young couple came to collect it. They were so excited. It brought back some lovely memories.

I'm sure these videos are being enjoyed by some kids somewhere.

Old railway racks - now being renovated . These were a 'hot' item on freecycle - everyone wanted them!
Overall Freecycle is great! - It is such a good feeling to know that stuff you just don't need or want anymore has a new life with someone new who really appreciates it.

A win win all around really!

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