Saturday, 1 June 2013

Camping break

The pace of life has been extremely fast of late, with the new job, project downsize and everyday life, things have been quite say the least.

So recently we decided enough was enough, packed up our Pod and headed off to the Wollemi National Park to spend a weekend away camping, getting back to basics and just enjoying the great outdoors. We went with our dear friends Fed, Fliss and their Flock,  and had a fantastic time - as we always do, with such great company.

The weather was great, a bit cold for some of the group, (mr fc!), but no-one else seemed to feel it, and thanks to a great fire, great food and lots of laughing and fun we came back home feeling refreshed, and a little sad that the weekend had ended so quickly.

Here are a few shots of the weekend..........we have promised to do it again soon, but for an extra night to really have time to kick back and enjoy!

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